Reiki Healing with Crystals





First-Trial (120-min)


Energy healing aims to restore the energetic balance we've lost in our modern lifestyle by moving and easing the energetic blockages in our body. Even for an energetically-well person, a healing session serves as a wonderful perk-me-up to raise your vibration higher. 

In this session, you will be invited to lie down comfortably on the treatment table with eyes closed for the entire duration. Typically, it involves safe touch on various points on the body which promotes the deeper relaxation. During the session, selected crystals will be placed on your chakras to amplify the healing energy. Depending on the individual's condition, binaural beat music can be incorporated to maximize healing. 

Crystals are wonderful healing tools from Mother Nature that help to absorb, diffuse, direct, focus, and move energy. The healing properties of crystals have been know since ancient times when people used them for protection, health, and abundance. Each crystal will be energetically cleansed before use to ensure they function at their best. 

Yoga Group Classes




An intimate class setting with a maximum capacity of 5 people, get comfortable on your mat, and focus better on your own practice. Our primary purpose and goal of yoga practice are to help individuals achieve a sense of well-being by eradicating physical dis-eases and stress from our hectic modern lifestyle. When practiced consciously, an hour of yoga can provide immense physical, mental, and emotional relief. We hope to show you that having a respite as easy as getting onto your mat. 

Our main offerings are Hatha and Yin yoga as they're the most accessible and fundamental for all levels of practitioner. Different themes will be assigned to each class in the week and sequences will be planned as close as possible to the registered attendees' needs. 

Props and mats are provided though practitioners are welcome to bring their own mat. 

Private Yoga, Yoga Therapy




First Trial: 120-min

Whether it's your first yoga class or you're looking to deepen your practice, private classes are tailored to your needs. For most starters, it is found to be more beneficial to learn at your own pace without stress as well as to receive undivided attention.

Besides having a more progressive experience, personalized class plans offer a systematic approach to your goals and they are extremely beneficial for people who have past injuries or special conditions. 

Yoga therapy is different from a standard class as it can include different practices such as breathwork, meditation, and healing. Yoga therapy is highly recommended for individuals who would like to have a comprehensive experience of yoga and energy healing.

Private sessions also offer schedule flexibility for busy individuals and outcall sessions are available on-demand too. 

Breathwork & Meditation




Tap into your self-healing abilities by learning the fundamentals of breathwork and meditation. Both practices work to ground, energize, and calm our physical, emotional, and mental states. The combination of both techniques is highly favorable for beginners as with the awareness of breath, one naturally gets into a meditative state.

We offer various types of meditations to allow our practitioners to explore what suits them the most. A few of our favorite guided meditations are body-scanning meditation, mindfulness meditation, visualization meditation, binaural beats meditation, and loving-kindness meditation. By becoming a witness to our thoughts and letting them go, we create more mental space in the present which allows us to access and release the unprocessed energy in the body and mind. Therefore, this is an important tool to have to thrive in our increasingly stressful modern world.

Apart from the psychological benefits, both breathwork and meditation offer a vast range of physical benefits. Most importantly, we want to help people learn how to bring themselves out of chronic stress and the parasympathetic (flight-or-fight) state, anytime and anywhere. 

By gaining conscious control over the way we breathe and how our mind works, we can positively impact our mood, the autonomic system, and build mental resilience. We strongly encourage practitioners to join us for breathwork and meditation to reap the full benefits of yoga. 

Sessions may be done lying down or comfortable seated based on the session's theme. 

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