Celery Juice: Fad or Rad?

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As promised, here’s an update on my celery juice cleanse! Unfortunately, I only managed to pull it off for a week as I went on a 9-day road trip in Chiang Mai and fell sick right after due to food poisoning. Still, I managed to reap some benefits from this daily juice routine in seven days and it has earned my trust. In this post, you'll read about my reasons for trying this healing juice, my firsthand experience of it and its benefits.

I'll be doing this post differently by focusing on my personal experience instead of plainly introducing this juice. Nonetheless, all the vital information and benefits you need to know can be found on Medical Medium's website here, here and here. Please note that this is not a juice fast and it does not involve drinking only juices for days. It is a simple morning routine of drinking 16 ounces (approx. 473ml) of celery juice on an empty stomach at the start of the day. You should wait for at least 30 minutes before consuming any food for the juice to work well.

My Reasons For Trying This Juice

  • Recurring acne

  • Slow digestion

  • Bowel irregularities

  • Low energy and brain fog

1. Recurring Acne

I was never troubled by acne until late 2018 when I got occasional small cystic acne spots on top of my usual comedogenic acne. Since my acne products (like Eucerin and Kiehl’s) only managed to provide temporary results, I thought I should start tackling the problem internally than just externally. Coincidentally, I came across my yoga classmate's Instagram post which she generously shared tips on how she kept her acne at bay without medication. Of which, celery juice is one of them and that is how I got to know of Anthony William (@medicalmedium) as she recommended his podcasts on healing naturally with food.

From his Instagram account and the hashtag #celeryjuice, I found various personal recounts that testified the healing properties of this simple juice. No gimmicks, no products advertorials but just recovery stories filled with gratitude! Prior to this, I was aware that celery juice is very helpful in managing high blood pressure so it didn't take much to convince me to drink almost 500 ml of it every morning. Besides, there is no profitability in marketing celery juice itself and it is a natural and holistic approach so... why not?

2. Slow Digestion

According to William, celery juice helps to rebuild of hydrochloric acid (HCL) levels which translates to better digestion. Poor HCL production means food doesn't get broken down properly and it rots in the intestinal tract. When your intestines are clogged with poorly-digested food that are not expelled well, it will lead to a whole lot of problems.

When I was doing my yoga teacher training in India for 7 weeks, I was fed with AWESOME Ayurvedic vegetarian meals every day. Combined with the yogic lifestyle and practices, my digestion was at its best. However, things took a turn when I returned home - I was barely hungry, a late heavy lunch can last me the entire day, I wasn't waking up feeling light or hungry like before. The most perplexing part would be the decrease of my bowel movement which I would touch on in the next point.

Tired of sluggish digestion and dampened appetite, I began to identify the possible causes which I supposed they are - lower fiber intake, increased emotional stress, slower metabolism as I reduced strenuous workouts and the consumption of meat. Celery juice seemed like an optimistic option for me as a blood type A individual as improved HCL production would complement my non-vegetarian diet back then.

Health tidbit: According to Dr. D'Adamo (who co-authored the nutrigenomics book, 'Eat Right For Your Type'), it is observed that blood type A people have lower HCL production due to genetic reasons. Therefore, we have a harder time digesting meat and it is recommended for us to go vegetarian or vegan.

3. Bowel Irregularities

There isn't a golden number for the amount of times we should go weekly as it is highly subjective. Looking at the simplest fact, lesser input would naturally mean lesser output. Apart from that, there are many other factors that affect bowel regularity such as age, activity level and any existing illness. So, we shouldn't expect a 21-years old male (with a big diet and active lifestyle) to have the same bowel movement frequency as a 71-years old male (with a smaller diet and sedentary lifestyle).

For me, I feel that once or twice a day is an ideal number as that was how it was when I was training in India. Comparing to how it is right now which I'm only pooping twice to thrice a week, I definitely felt better with daily elimination. With regular bowel movement, I was less sluggish, less bloated and my breath and skin were better. After reading this FAQ which explains how celery juice helps to ease constipation, I decided to include this morning routine as part of my new dietary plan.

By the way, I strongly feel that people shouldn't be embarrassed about discussing their colon health. It is such a commonly neglected topic that not everyone understands the complications of waste accumulation in the colon.

(p.s. I would gladly talk discuss such stuff than entertain lame sexual jokes. :p)

4. Low Energy & Brain Fog

Appearing on most illnesses' list of symptoms, these two pesky health issues are really hard to eradicate as it isn't that easy to pinpoint the root cause. Since my full body medical check-up is only happening in another six months, I tried various diet tips to stay alert in the day but to no improvements.

Despite limiting high-glycemic food to avoid blood sugar spikes and crashes, I still find myself lacking energy and vitality. Naturally, I was thrilled when I saw brain fog as one of the health problems that celery juice claims to help. It's a lengthy explanation so I'll leave the link here for you to read up.

My Personal Experience and Benefits

First of all, I would like to emphasize that the duration of one week is too short to prove the full healing potential of the celery juice. I do believe that it will stronger impacts on my health if I make this morning juice routine a long-term commitment. Most people shared that they only started seeing significant results after two weeks albeit some took as long as months. Logically speaking, the duration to see improvement is dependent on the toxicity level in each individual's body and how you complement it with necessary lifestyle and diet adjustments.

It's imperative to keep in mind that results vary as everyone is different. My advice would be to keep an open mind and try it for yourself. As my health issues are not as severe as the others who are suffering from chronic illnesses, the benefits I received were not equally profound. Even so, I'm glad that the juice has shown me how much it can do for me in a week:

  • Reduced sugar and junk food cravings

  • Brighter eyes

  • Increased bowel movement

  • Lighter legs

1. Reduced Sugar and Junk Food Cravings

I'm that kind of sweet tooth who sees her McDonald’s hot fudge sundae as incomplete if it doesn't come with double fudge. In fact, my biggest deterrence to go vegan is actually desserts and not bacon.

Surprisingly, I found myself reaching out lesser to my usual sweet snacks after a few days of drinking this juice. Even when all my Oreos, Pocky and Ritz biscuits were in my peripheral vision range, my desire to binge on them was close to zero. To think that I could munch up to six Oreo cookies a day to almost less than three per week now, this is really something!

Out of curiosity, I googled “reduced sugar craving celery juice” and found a couple of celery juice warriors (The/Thirty, and PeacefulDumpling) who shared the same experience. It was explained that the essential minerals and vitamins present in celery helped to reduce the craving. I’m not yet familiar with micro-nutrition to discuss this but this reduced sugar craving is an undeniable effect for me.

2. Brighter Eyes

Our sclera, which is the white portion of the eyeball, is a cue for perceiving age, health, and beauty. A yellowed sclera is commonly regarded as a sign of a liver problem, jaundice or deterioration due to old age. As I've been a regular colored contact lens user for the past eleven years, my eyes have been pretty dull and bloodshot from the long hours of wear every day.

Unexpectedly, I noticed the whites of my eyes were visibly whiter, brighter and cleaner towards the end of the week. Brighter eyes weren't one of the main benefits that I read about so you can imagine what a pleasant surprise it was. Apparently, I wasn't alone in having brighter eyes from what I found on Google. Later on, I learned that celery is a good source of vitamins A and C which helps to protect the surface of the eye and lower the risks of cataracts. So this adds another point for this experiment! On a side note, I can't help to wonder if this correlates to a healthier liver after drinking 3.5 liters of celery juice in a week...

3. Increased Bowel Movement

On the first day, I was caught off-guard by my stomach's unabashed churning. Within thirty minutes, I bombarded my toilet with soft stools, followed by a bout of diarrhea. I know it’s a little TMI (oops) but this is important to know if you are going to try it for the first time. You don’t want to be caught in a jam when nature calls, do you? :P

As the days went by, my post-juice output was no longer in the form of diarrhea but soft stools. Once it is expelled, I have no problem functioning as usual for the rest of the day. So don't worry too much about the initial laxative-like effect as it will ease off. For now, drinking celery juice on an empty stomach in the morning works like how warm lemon water used help me to get moving.

According to @medicalmedium, “Some people may experience a change in their bowel movements when starting to consume celery juice. This is a normal detox reaction that some individuals who have a higher level of toxins may experience. Celery juice will kill off unproductive bacteria in the gut and will also help purge the liver. This can result in loose stools as the body pushes out the toxins from a very toxic liver. The loose stools will pass as your body heals and you may notice your bowel movements become more regular and healthier than ever.”

Well, I certainly hope that my regular stool now is indeed an indication of my liver getting healed!

4. Lighter legs

Whenever people discuss high blood pressure level, the thought of celery and ABC juice (apple, beetroot, celery) naturally comes into my mind. Scientifically, the phytochemical in celery called 3-n-butylphthalide helps to reduce stress hormones and cholesterol. Meanwhile, celery increases the nitric oxide in our bodies and this compound helps to widen blood vessels which improve blood flow and circulation. Hence, celery is one of the food recommended for managing high blood pressure.

Although I do not face any blood pressure problems, I do have hereditary varicose veins issues. From the long hours spent on my feet in eight years of my retail, customer service, and events career, my varicose veins spread rapidly. My closet of tight-fitting clothes and poorly designed fashion footwear made matters worse. The older I became, the sooner I give up during my "shopping marathons". Due to the accumulated pressure and poor blood circulation, my legs would get really heavy and tired.

Since I started drinking celery juice, it is interesting to note that the hideous bulging of the veins in my feet was significantly reduced. No doubt my feet still get tired after a long day of activity, it is definitely good to see my veins in a relaxed state.


Holistic healing takes time, dedication and perseverance. Give your body some time to respond and support the process by making necessary adjustments to your lifestyle and diet. Although my skin condition improved significantly after a change in my skincare products and routine, I can't say that celery juice didn't contributed. Everything is interrelated so remember to address the other possible causes of your issues and not just rely on the juice daily. That said, I have become a vegetarian since 2 January 2019 to facilitate a speedier recovery. By doing so, my digestive system is getting better as my bowel movements have increased and I'm starting to feel hungry at the right time! Most importantly, I'm feeling less lethargic as my body is spending less energy on digesting food that is unsuitable for me. Moving on, I'll be continuing this juice for at least thrice a week as I feel it is sufficient at this point. That's about it for this post and I wish everyone luck on their health journey!

Till then, namaste! Cindy


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