Breaking, Healing and Rediscovering

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Consistency has been one of my weaker traits but the lack of updates on this blog isn't caused by it. Personally, I made a promise to myself that whatever comes up on this blog would be 100% heartfelt and not simply for the sake of updating. I've been doing a lot of inner work which caused my mindset to evolve daily. Hence, I felt it would be pointless to try and write something archaic without substance until I am ready.

Since I returned from my latest training trip to India, I've been constantly reflecting on every single aspect of my life. The past 3 months have been a rollercoaster ride for me as I sobered up from mindless living. I revisited my past, rethought about every decision and mistake I've made in life so far and faced up with my flaws honestly. I made peace and accepted things that I could not change and the relationships that were no longer working.

As I begin to outgrow my environment, I struggled because it wasn't easy to handle what comes along with it. I spent most of my time alone to relearn about life and existence as well as how to live in harmony with everything.

There were times when I felt lost and stuck living in limbo. Yet somehow, I always had faith to pull through and grew to understand that healing and growth are not linear processes; you can't see the truth of life without experiencing it personally. With the help of yoga, Reiki self-healing, meditation, and the wisdom from books and my Reiki master, I managed to find my way out of the haze. 

I rediscovered myself through accepting my flaws, through working on my short-comings, through identifying my strengths and the matters in life that bother and ignite the passion in me.

During my introspection, I found that I was at my happiest when I witnessed how my healing work helped people to understand self-love and prompted them look inward. Looking inward means having a deep understanding and awareness of who we really are, being conscious of the origins and basis of our thoughts and feelings. Such consciousness is imperative in achieving a balanced emotional and mental state which many of us are unwittingly lacking.

With this, I realized that all the possessions, the goals and the dreams I had before wouldn't be able to provide me with this sense of fulfillment. I recognized that supporting and helping others to find their inner peace and bliss is what makes me happy. This prompted me to review my life's vision and here they are:

Be the person that people turn to, to return to their own ocean of inner wisdom.  Be the person who uplifts and empowers, helping people to discover their unique potential. 

Be the person who does not only sympathizes but matches her actions to feelings by aiding those in need. 

Be the person who lives her purpose passionately, unapologetically, and fearlessly, not only for her personal growth but for others' wellbeing. 

Be the person who inspires others to see beyond their own needs, to share, and to give. 

Be the person who works as a catalyst for positive social and environmental change. 

Be the person who is unfazed by adversities and lives resiliently. 

Be the person who does not let the scars on her soul deter her from responding with love. 

Be the person who makes her life worthwhile and embraces death with a smile like an old friend.


These led me to the following inspirations that are the geneses of my fundraising campaign.

  1. Get out of my comfort zone, volunteer in the country where women suffer the most, and where kids are exploited prevalently. To find out what can be done to improve their lives and create a sustainable impact. 

  2. Start a social enterprise that benefits the targeted community. Creating awareness about the things we're usually apathetic about and at the same time, advocating conscious and sustainable living.

  3. Deepen my personal skills and practice in yoga and Reiki healing to help people through their mental crisis. 

Although these tremendous plans seem skyward, my heart has set to work towards them with good faith and proper planning. With the amount of support I've received thus far for my crowd-fund, I have a promising feeling about what lies ahead no matter how long it takes.

I hope this post rouses you and gets you thinking about what truly makes your world goes round!

With love,



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