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"Heal yourself first and everything else will fall into place."

In the pursuit of discovering yoga's roots in Rishikesh, India, I uncovered an equally profound spiritual practice that is Reiki healing. Prior to being initiated as a Reiki practitioner, yoga to me was merely a physical practice without any spiritual connotation. After learning Yoga philosophy and experiencing deep inner peace through energy healing, I realized the purpose of life and yoga goes far beyond physical fitness or materialist achievements. Therefore, I desire to provide a holistic experience that isn't just posture-focused. 



Energy healing provided a new depth to my life and yoga practice which changed my life's trajectory for the better. The combination of both practices has led me to a profound transformation. Instead of teaching immediately after I received my 500-hour yoga teacher training certificate, I dedicated the past 2 years to my own healing as I strongly believe that healed people heal people and I needed to walk the talk to teach experientially. 

Through working on my own traumas and challenges, I became inspired to guide people to deep wellness by understanding the interconnectedness of our body, mind, and soul complexes as well as providing knowledge to resolve their traumas and self-limiting mindset through yoga and energy healing.

My goal here is to promote mind-body-soul integration by helping others to cultivate awareness and consciousness of our inner world. Meanwhile, my personal purpose is to pay it forward by sharing these inclusive, healing modalities as I have been blessed with so that world can start to heal collectively and prosper together. 



"I sought Yoga and Reiki found me.", that's how my story begins. 

"How can we ever feel wholeness when we've never been in touch with our soul?

Cindy Ng | Singapore | 29 

Completed 500-hour Hatha YTT, 2018
(@ Samatva Yogalaya, Rishikesh)


& Crystal Healing Course, 2018
(@ Reiki School India, Rishikesh)

‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.’
— Nikola Tesla


Energy healing aims to restore the delicate energetic balance we've lost in our modern lifestyle. Lifeforce that is also known as Qi, prana, or Ki is transmitted into your body and it helps to move the stagnant energies that are stuck in our bodies. For an energetically-well person, a healing session serves as a wonderful booster and allows you to feel more vitality and be in touch with nature.


Discover how to tap into your self-healing abilities and self-regulate your nervous system by learning the fundamentals of breathwork and meditation. Both practices work to calm, ground, and energize our physical, emotional, and mental states. These are essential tools to have for cultivating mindfulness and building resilience and concentration. 


Whether it's your first yoga class or you're looking to deepen your practice, private classes are tailored to your unique needs. For most starters, it is more beneficial and less stressful to learn at your own pace and required style. Private classes are more progressive as you would receive undivided attention.


An intimate class setting with a maximum capacity of 5 people. Get comfortable on your mat and focus better on your own practice. We focus mainly on Hatha and Yin yoga as the primary goals of our classes are to release mental and physical tension and restore balance. 


683A Edgedale Plains

Singapore 824683

Tel: 90071737


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